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Pulsar Core FXD50 Thermal Imaging Attachment

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selectable reticles

A grid is displayed on the electronic screen is permanently located in the image plane target. The Apex internal memory contains 10 items of various shapes and applications. The pattern of the color can be switched from black to white.

Function "Picture in picture"

The "Picture in Picture" function provides shooter with the ability to display additional image on the screen Which region contains 2x magnified image of a target and reticle. This allows you to see image in more detail. Additional region (specify structure aiming) is located in the center top of the screen above the lattice. Occupying only 1/10 of the entire region of the image, a further area of ​​the screen allows the simultaneous use of the entire field of view for observation.


The Apex display off function, is used in cases of short breaks during the observation process. When the display is off all other systems are fully functional and allows instant activation of the rifle scope.

eye relief, eye-safe

The Apex systems have eye relief 67 mm - one of the best parameters of their class. The greater the eye relief, less traumatic is the use of the scope, particularly on hunting weapons with significant backlash.

3 types of parameters zeroing

The software allows the user to save memory in three impact points for different distances: (types of weapon or cartridge), and each option allows the use of a dedicated network.

Zeroing with freeze function

For digital Pulsar "the one shot" zeroing in Apex models is complemented by an even more convenient feature - "Freeze": after making a shot zeroing just save one frame from a target in the viewfinder memory and align the cross graduated with the impact point, just look at this network without the need to maintain full immobility of a weapon.

fully waterproof

With IPX7 (IEC 60529) Apex can be used in conditions of precipitation of any intensity and withstand a short diving.

Several calibration modes

The Apex offers three calibration modes: Silent manual mode ( "M"), auto ( "A") semi-automatic ( "H"). The "A" mode implies the automatic calibration without user participation. In the "H" mode the user decide on their own if you need to perform the calibration according to the quality of the image. The "Cal" button is pressed in this way. Manual calibration ( "M") is made by pressing the "Cal" button when the lens cover is closed. The "M" mode is recommended for hunting due to silent operation.

Operating temperature range (-25 ... + 50 ° C)

The ability to operate in normal mode at temperatures below zero is due to the use of an OLED display is resistant to frost that provides fast response and a crisp image.

external power supply

The operating time can be significantly increased with the aid of external power supplies (eg, Pulsar EPS3 / EPS5).

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